Trim & Tighten Transformation 60 Day Challenge

GGG presents TTT60 Challenge!


Trim & Tighten Transformation in 60 Days!


Ever wanted to change the way you look and feel, fast?

Ever fancied starting training, but too intimidated by a gym environment?

Ever needed the help and guidance of a personal trainer, but couldn't cover the cost?


The TTT60 Challenge is for you!


Achieve your best shape in just 60 days.


Starting anytime from now until February 28th, the GGG transformation is offering you the best results possible with this amazing value challenge.

Running out of our new "Shed of Dread" private studio facility, and limited to only 15 places throughout the time period. Giving you the 1 to 1 guidance you need.



What's included:


  1.  2 x 1 to 1 Personal Training Sessions a week for 60 days.

  2.  An at home training plan for you to complete in your own time.

  3.  A Diet plan, customised to your current weight and dietary requirements (i.e vegan, vegetarian, pescaterian).

  4.  Closed Facebook group invitation to share your journey with the other contestants.



What's required of you:


  1.  Before and after pictures to show your transformation.

  2.  A "before you start" mini blog, explaining what you are hoping to achieve and why.

  3.  A final mini blog, explaining the awesome effort you put in and what you achieved.

  4. Show up to your sessions and put in the work!



Plus the possibility of getting it for free!


Once you have completed your 60 day transformation and submitted all your photos and mini blogs, we will select a "Challenge Champion" to be rewarded their money back!*


Have you got what it takes to be our Champion?



Buy the TTT60 programme for just £250 (total value £600)

Plus the chance to win your money back, but you can keep the results!


TTT60 places are limited to 15 and will be assigned on a first come first served basis on receipt of full payment.

 To apply or have any further questions please fill out the 'Contact Us' form below.

*Participants are required to have submitted both their before and after photos and mini blogs to be entered to win the challenge and be rewarded with £250. Winner will be selected on March 1st 2018.

Mini blogs and photos may be used as testimonials on our website and social media pages.

Thanks! Message sent.