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Why Small Group Personal Training Is Awesome

What is Small Group Personal Training?

That depends on who you are asking. But in general it involves training in some kind of group of between 2 and 8 people.

My small group training is groups of 3 people or less. This is normally a more affordable service compared with 1-1 Personal Training but offers pretty much the same benefits.

The dirrerence between 1-1 training and small group training for us lies primarily in the training session. For 1-1 sessions you just spend your time with me.

According to my partner Coach V that is a chore at the best of times so we started offering Small Group PT where my time is split between 3 people during a session so you don't have to put up with me for the full hour.

What does SGPT involve?


Before you've had your consultation you should be sent a price list to make sure our services are within your budget.

Once you've said the prices are within your budget we will then proceed on to our first consultation.

What is this for?

We need to know your goals and get some background information so we can properly plan your training journey. We also need to make sure we are the right fit as the last thing you want to do is sign up with someone you hate for 12 months!

During this consultation we'll decide exactly which PT service you want to go for.

Here at Gains, Glutes & Glitter we work in blocks of 3 months. So you'll either sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months. For some reason we completely skip over 9 months but I digress!


Before your training begins we need to see how you move. By knowing how you move we know what exercises to choose and how to help you warm up as effectively as possible.

We'll also be looking out for signs that you are in pain and in need of any further treatment before training takes place. This is to protect both client and coach from damage as the coach wants to do no harm and clients very rarely want to make their injuries worse!

The movement screen takes approximately 40-60 minutes depending on what crops up.

Here we aren't going to tell you you are broken or dysfunctional. We will be looking out for ways to make you as strong as possible in the safest possible way.

Watching you move like this helps us a great deal.

Will the movement screen be tough?

Absolutely not, I've designed it to be as simple and easy as possible. I can also edit it on the day to make it suitable for you if you have any kind of special requirements or if I know a certain movement causes you pain that we want to avoid.

Wear your usual gym gear or something comfortable if you've never been to the gym before.

Other than discussing your goals this is one of the most important parts of your Personal Training journey.

Everyone signing up for Small Group Personal Training gets there own movement screen. I feel this is very important.


In your Small Group PT sessions you'll be working through your own plan through an app we have called MyPThub.

We write these plans based on what you've said in your consultation, what happened in your movement screen and based on our experience as trainers.

You don't need to share the same goals as people in your sessions. You don't even need to know the people in your sessions as it's my time that's split between you guys.

I'll split my time between everyone in the session and make sure you are doing exercises correctly. I am always on hand to answer any of your burning questions and I can provide motivation and education in the amounts you need to get you to where you want to be

So in your Small Group PT you'll be warmed up and ready to start when you are booked in. You'll have your app open with your full programme on there and we will be ready to smash the session (or not, if it's a recovery focused session!)


So we know you are making progress we'll have a catch up every month. During this catch up we'll talk about things you are loving, things that you are struggling with and redo your measurements to see where you are at.

We won't movement screen you every month, this is done a little bit less frequently but is always available if you are curious to see how your movement has changed.

We check your bodyfat by using either a scanner, calipers (which aren't nice) and a tape measure.

On the app there is a section where you can add progress photos throughout your journey. I ask you to do this in the comfort of your own home as not everyone wants to strip down to their pants in front of their trainer.

From here we'll discuss how to move forward and keep things going in the right direction. These sit downs are essential to keep people on track and are on of my favourite parts of Personal Training


We have a timetable of sessions each week with a certain amount of small group sessions on there.



Here's what one of my group PT clients had to say:

"For a long time I struggled to make real progress in the gym, and I always thought that being fit and healthy was something that only other people could achieve. I never knew what I was capable of, but my PT coach Chris challenged me to make my fitness goals a reality and pushed me to make progress that I never thought I could. PT has shown me that with grit, determination and persistence I can be in the best shape of my life."

Mark Baines

Some of our best results have come from either small group or large group clients.

It all comes down to consistency, adherence and work ethic. Being on point with your nutrition 90% of the time, training hard each and every time you are in the gym and applying yourself to your goals makes all the difference.

If you are invested in your results you'll do amazingly well on a small group PT package.


We have a number of Small Group and Large Group sessions going on every week. You can either get booked in on the website by clicking HERE or you can speak to me in person and we'll get all your sessions booked in.

We have session times ranging from mornings until late. We also work weekends (the gym is much more fun for us when it's quiet!)


A common misconception among people that don't have a coach is that you need to be a certain fitness level to get the most out of coaching.

This is wrong.

People who start with a coach make the most progress as they start training properly FROM THE BEGINNING rather than having to unlearn bad habits that aren't helping someone to achieve their goals.

A good trainer meets you where you are now and adapts training to your specific needs. Often that specific need is actually teaching you how to train properly for what you want. The earlier in your fitness career that you get a coach the better.

Most PT's have their own coaches (including me) because we know just how important it is to have a second pair of eyes keeping you on point.

Knowing you are on point to get the job done stops any second-guessing, reduces stress and improves your consistency at the gym.

Small Group Personal Training makes it coaching far more affordable, you are in a group of people who can support each other where it's needed AND you get the same results. What's not to love?

As of writing this I have a few Small Group PT spaces remaining. If you want to get involved if you drop me an email to cjkpersonaltraining@hotmail.co.uk or click on the chat icon on the website we'll get you booked in immediately.

We look forward to having you on board!


Chris is a Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, writer, man of small stature and reader of The Discworld Series with a decade in the industry.

He trains everyone from beginners to high level athletes. His favourite clients are people getting into the gym for the first time because they can make the biggest changes in their lives.

You can reach me through the email address cjkpersonaltraining@hotmail.co.uk

My Instagram is Chris_Kershaw_Strength.

Thank you for reading!

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