Competition Hints To Help You Go 9/9- Billy Big Bollocks Syndrome

With every Powerlifting competition comes various lessons about how I can be a better coach and how I can prepare people more effectively for competitions. The recent November competitions were no exception. What I realised was a few of my lifters spent months before the competition saying they absolutely would lift certain numbers way above their comp max. They told me endlessly and they told the powerlifting group chat we have endlessly that the numbers they were going to put up would be huge. And I believed the hype rather than stepping in and putting a stop to the nonsense! Yes, there is a lot to be said for letting someone learn there lesson, but sometimes a lesson learnt brutally isn't

Hook Grip Part 4: What Do The Experts Say?

In the first 3 parts of this series, we discussed at some length, how I choose which grip someone should use. Today, I thought I'd refer to other far more intelligent people than me, much better lifters than me and see if there suggestions are far from what I put forward in those 3 parts. Some of these are fairly old quotes, so the people quoted may well have changed their opinion since these were written. If that is the case, I humbly apologise. I recommend you check out all of the following people on the gram, Facebook, the web, and anywhere else you can find them. I will link each of them up below. Enjoy! Timothy Henriques, All About Powerlifting Twitter: @TimMHen