Navigating a Busy Gym- Barbell Squat & Laying Leg Curls

As January fast approaches, and because I promised it in my blog post last week here are a couple of handy infographics to help you navigate a busy gym full of pesky people getting to a piece of equipment first! As much as I would love everyone to share equipment in a friendly Utopian world in my head, I know that sometimes people are unapproachable, intimidating or maybe they are your ex partner who you'd rather have to eat your own face than share a barbell with them for an hour. Alternative exercises are often needed, are often empowering because it means a person doesn't have to worry about getting on a piece of machinery because they always have options and because having a good knowled

Navigating A Busy Gym- Alternatives For Bench, Deadlift, Lat Pulldown & Face Pulls

Following on from last week here are a few infographics to help you navigate an incredibly busy gym floor without having to massively deviate from your program. Remember the golden rule in a busy gym: Be nice. Share & Be Accommodating. If you are training for a powerlifting or weightlifting competition, you might face a longer wait for equipment. Learning to share platforms is a great way to still get your sessions in even if it means not having a rack to yourself. If you train at a busy gym at a busy time, sometimes it's the only way to get it done. If your goals aren't specific to a strength sport, you can adapt training as you need to. Below are some graphics designed to help you get an e

Heavy Metal Coaching YNE Open November 2019 Competition Write Up

Wow, what an intense weekend of lifting. This week we travelled to York for the YNEPF open with 4 of my athletes to test their metal, to test my abilites as a coach and to generall have some fun lifting some big numbers. Heather Murray Squat- 127.5kg/135kg/140kg (no lift) Bench- 72.5kg/77.5kg/80kg (5kg comp PB) Deadlift- 145kg/155kg (no lift)/155kg (no lift) Total- 360kg This was Heather's return to the platform after what I'm sure she would describe as a difficult year of training until recently. In the build-up to the competition we struggled with hitting depth on squats, with being able to train consistently and having to do a fairly major weight cut to make the competition. All-in-all, s

Handy Tips For Navigating A Busy Gym For Clients & Trainers

The gym I operate out of is great. Therefore lots of people train there. Recently, it's been busy to the point of various people sharing platforms and squat racks. Some people have struggled to get their sessions in "because it was so busy." I don't think that's quite true. I think the issue is actually that people don't know how to navigate a busy gym effectively. By effectively I mean that both the individual and everyone else in the gym can still get their sessions in without anyone having to miss a workout, miss an exercise or have a massive fistfight in the middle of the gym floor because one person has been hogging the squat rack for too long. This is normally only an issue at the busi

Cross-Reading/Listening: Recommended Listening Outside The World Of Fitness

Often, PT's, strength coaches and everyone else who is in this game will get so caught up in researching fitness, programming nuances and the like that when they do finally want to look into something else they feel guilty. Guilty for wanting to consume something other than fitness information. Of course, you should be guilty, you absolute monster. Indeed, I joke. To be the best coach you can be you should probably have a diverse range of topics you consume. You will learn various things about your craft from these other areas even if you don't realise it. An example I use is that when reading a book by the comedian Stewart Lee, it made me consider that putting various people against each ot